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Save your brothers in Syria

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In one of the most powerful earthquakes to hit the region in at least a century, a 7.8-magnitude quake struck early Monday morning and killed hundreds of people in Turkey and Syria in their sleep.

Residents were awakened from their sleep by the early morning earthquake on both sides of the border and rushed outside on a cold, rainy and stormy winter night. A large number of buildings were destroyed, and there are still severe aftershocks, as the number of aftershocks reached 640 during the three days following the earthquake.

For the third day in a row, hundreds of families are under the rubble. We hear their voices and cries, but the scale of the disaster is beyond the capacity of all local organizations.

  According to the statistics of the White Helmets Civil Defense Organization, the total number of earthquake victims rose to 1,872 dead, 3,949 injured, in addition to the total destruction of 418 buildings, and the partial collapse of more than 1,300 in Idlib governorate and the northwestern countryside of Aleppo.

We appeal to white-hearted people and all Arab and international humanitarian institutions to work to respond to our people in the disaster they are exposed to as a result of the earthquake that struck northern Syria last Monday morning.

   Pulse of Humanity is currently working in the affected areas to provide:

Medical assistance and medicines


- Blankets, upholstery and cleaning supplies


- Food basket and mineral water


They need our help now more than ever.

  Donate generously. ???

  Take this opportunity to spare the lives of our brothers and sisters in northern Syria and provide relief to those affected.

  We pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters there

Save your brothers in Syria

With the work of the rescue teams continuing for the fourth day in a row, new suffering of a different kind is added to our people in Syria. Many villages on both sides of the river are threatened with flooding

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