Syria.. human rights violations, oppression, deprivation and displacement

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Syria.. human rights violations, oppression, deprivation and displacement

Syria.. human rights violations, oppression, deprivation and displacement

Human rights are rights that we all enjoy because we are human beings. They are not granted to us by a state or government. They are inherent in all human beings, regardless of their nationality, gender, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. A person has the right to live freely and to be provided with opportunities for work, food, education and health.

In Syria, the situation is different, killing, displacement, and disappearance, and millions of forcibly displaced persons are in dire need of basic necessities to survive with the frosty winter season. The Syrian Network for Human Rights documented the killing of 228,099 civilians, including 28,618 females and 29,661 children, as a result of the bombing of the Syrian government’s planes and artillery, from the third month of 2011 until the end of the year. September 2021, in addition to the enforced disappearance of 149,862 and the death of more than 14,500 people under torture, most of them at the hands of the Syrian government.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stated that the violence has killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians, and displaced millions inside and outside the country, while many Syrian families struggle to reveal the truth about what really happened to their loved ones.

The vast majority of the victims of arrest, disappearance and displacement are men, and this has turned the daily life of many families into a real struggle in every sense of the word, as women face practical, financial and legal challenges when seeking to support their children and themselves. They are also often responsible for searching for a missing relative, which may put them at risk when trying to obtain information from officials, and they may also fall victim to individuals who offer to provide information about a relative or secure his release in exchange for money.

Hundreds of camps in the open and many beggars on the roads, destruction and displacement amidst the inability of humanitarian organizations to absorb the increasing numbers, as Nabd Charitable Organization worked through its activities and with all its energies and according to its capabilities inside Syria, to target the most vulnerable families, alleviate their pain and create appropriate conditions for a decent life and safe them.